ADHD Symptoms in Women

The unique aspects of ADHD symptoms in women and how they may manifest differently compared to men. Discover guidance on addressing these unique challenges and finding support for women with ADHD.

Understanding ADHD Symptoms in Women

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition characterised by a combination of core symptoms  including inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. While hyperactivity and impulsivity often diminish with age, inattention and disorganisation symptoms often persist. 

Differences in Symptom Presentation of Women with ADHD

In women ADHD symptoms may be more centred around inattention and executive function difficulties  making it less noticeable in traditional hyperactive behaviours. Women with ADHD may struggle with organisation, time management and maintaining focus on tasks, both at home and in the workplace. Impulsivity may manifest as emotional impulsivity, leading to mood swings and interpersonal challenges.

Women with ADHD often develop coping mechanisms to mask their symptoms which can be exhausting and lead to anxiety and low self-esteem. The unique manifestation of ADHD in women underscores the importance of recognising and addressing these differences for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Another prominent presentation in women (also present in some men) is the impact that the menstrual cycle has on emotional dysregulation. At certain times in the cycle emotional dysregulation (due to underlying ADHD) worsens. Depression and anxiety is also more prominent in women as well.

Guidance for Addressing Unique Challenges

Addressing ADHD symptoms in women involves tailored strategies and support.

How ADHD Health Clinic Can Help

At ADHD Health Clinic, we understand the nuances of ADHD symptoms in women. Our assessment and diagnostic services provide valuable insights into how ADHD may manifest differently in women. With personalised treatment plans tailored to your specific needs we aim to empower you to thrive while managing your ADHD effectively. From counselling and support to medication management our services are designed to provide the tools and guidance you need to unlock your potential and achieve well-being, addressing the unique challenges faced by women with ADHD.

Understanding ADHD Symptoms

Symptoms often manifest differently in individuals and can have a significant impact on various aspects of life.

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