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The awareness and recognition of adult ADHD as a distinct mental health disorder is on the rise. In the face of expanding academic research and mounting evidence highlighting the impact of adult ADHD on individuals, their families, and society at large, healthcare professionals, including General Practitioners (GPs), are increasingly seeking to comprehend this condition and explore effective treatment strategies.

Supporting healthcare professionals' knowledge and insight

At ADHD Health Clinic, we are dedicated to assisting General Practitioners and healthcare professionals in developing a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of adult ADHD. This entails recognising its complex indicators, its far-reaching effects, and the strategies essential for its effective management.

Until recently, adult ADHD often went unnoticed by some professionals or was not considered a distinct mental health condition, often receiving inadequate psychiatric treatment, if any at all. This lack of recognition persists in some circles, even today.

The symptoms of adult ADHD frequently overlap with those of other mental health disorders, such as Personality Disorder, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety. In some instances, individuals may experience both ADHD and one or more of these conditions concurrently. Substance and alcohol abuse also tend to be common among ADHD patients, sometimes leading to the misattribution of difficulties solely to substance misuse, while ADHD remains undiagnosed. This can result in misdiagnoses or a lack of recognition of ADHD, leading to missed opportunities for effective, long-term treatment.

While co-occurring mental health disorders may be present in patients with ADHD, there is a growing acknowledgment that ADHD necessitates distinct evaluation and treatment. Identifying ADHD accurately within the context of complex mental health challenges, intricate personal and social circumstances, and diverse histories, especially when it lacks professional recognition, can be a formidable task.

Our ADHD service has been established to provide the highest level of professional guidance, assessment, and treatment. This is increasingly recognised as vital and beneficial not only for patients but also for healthcare professionals and the broader community.

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