Dr. Shyamal Mashru

Your Expert in Adult ADHD and Psychiatry

Meet Dr. Shyamal Mashru, a renowned consultant psychiatrist and a medical lead of an adult ADHD service in the NHS. With his wealth of expertise and commitment to patient care, Dr. Mashru is here to guide you on your ADHD journey.

Dr. Shyamal Mashru: Your Expert in Adult ADHD and Psychiatry

Your ADHD Journey with Dr. Shyamal Mashru

Dr. Mashru conducts initial ADHD assessments online, typically lasting 90 minutes. Following the assessment, he dedicates an additional 30 minutes to prepare a comprehensive report for the patient. This detailed report serves as a crucial foundation for determining the most appropriate treatment tailored to your specific needs.

Trust Dr. Shyamal Mashru to guide you through your ADHD journey with compassion, expertise, and a patient-centred approach. Your well-being is his top priority.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Mashru’s specialised areas encompass:

He understands that ADHD often coexists with other conditions, and his expertise extends to treating complex presentations. Dr. Mashru conducts face-to-face and virtual appointments via video link, starting with an in-depth 90-minute diagnostic assessment for ADHD that includes a comprehensive diagnostic report. Subsequent 30-minute follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed, ensuring ongoing support tailored to your requirements.

Committed to Patient Care

Dr. Mashru is dedicated to delivering optimal patient care, which is reflected in the numerous positive patient reviews he has received. His consistent 5-star ratings earned him the Certificate of Excellence in 2023 from iwantgreatcare, a testament to his unwavering commitment to patient well-being.

Qualifications and Experience

Dr. Mashru obtained his MBBS from King’s College London in 2007. In addition to his medical degree, he holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology, providing a solid foundation for optimising medications and discussing their benefits and potential side effects in detail. He completed his psychiatry training in North London and subsequently became a medical lead of an adult ADHD service in the NHS.



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“Dr Shy diagnosed both me and my son with ADHD. He combined a compassionate and relaxed manner with high professional standards. I did a great deal of research on finding the right consultant as I had been disappointed by other consultants during my diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I highly recommend Dr Shy to help you navigate your way through ADHD.”

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