From Uncertainty to Clarity

Harnessing ADHD Symptoms from Initial Testing to Treatment

Our commitment is to empower you, not only by providing clarity and support but by helping you uncover the strengths within ADHD, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and well-being. 

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We recognise it’s a big commitment to book an ADHD assessment. For this reason, Dr Mashru is happy to offer a free 10 minute screening call if you would like to speak with him prior to booking an assessment.

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ADHD Diagnosis to Treatment

Whether you suspect you have ADHD or need guidance on diagnosis, treatment, and medication, we’re here to provide expert support every step of the way. 

The following options will help you on your ADHD journey and available with payment options including by monthly instalment.

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Test For ADHD

We offer compassionate support to those potentially affected by ADHD. If you suspect you have ADHD, our simple 6-question screening tool is designed to help you assess the likelihood of ADHD symptoms.

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Begin Your ADHD Diagnosis Journey

Schedule your full assessment today to start understanding your ADHD. Our 90-minute assessments are thorough and personalised, usually available within one week.

If you would like to speak with Dr Mashru before committing to a full assessment, you are invited to book a FREE 10-minute screening call to discuss your symptoms directly with him.

i already have an adhd diagnosis with another clinic and just want medication

Previous ADHD Diagnosis Requiring Medication

If you have a previous ADHD diagnosis from another clinic and are seeking medication, we offer specialised 45-minute appointments to reassess your needs and ensure your treatment remains effective with the most appropriate medication.

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Get a Follow-up Appointment

If you have previously been diagnosed by ADHD Health Clinic and require further support, our follow-up appointments with Dr Mashru are designed to continue your care seamlessly.
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Repeat Prescriptions

If you require a repeat prescription for your ADHD medication, we offer a straightforward service designed to ensure you continue your treatment without interruption.

How to cope with ADHD

Fearne Cotton and Dr Shyamal Mashru discuss how to cope with ADHD on Fearne Cotton's Happy Place.

Tips to help navigate your ADHD journey and breaking down the strategies to embrace the unique ADHD perspective.

Comprehending and harnessing ADHD symptoms

Welcome to ADHD Health Clinic, your trusted partner in comprehending and harnessing the full spectrum of ADHD. Our specialised approach goes beyond identifying symptoms; we guide you through an holistic journey, from in-depth ADHD testing and assessment to personalised treatment. Together, we’ll unlock your potential and inspire you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

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Dr Shyamal Mashru was awarded the iWantGreatCare certificate of excellence in 2023 for delivering outstanding care.
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Dr Shyamal Mashru is a consultant psychiatrist and the medical lead for Adult ADHD in an NHS service.

Patient trust score: 5.00