ADHD Studies and Research

Stay informed about the latest ADHD studies and research findings which highlight the complexities of ADHD and its management.

ADHD and physical exercise

Studies showing physical exercise and improved lifestyle factors improved ADHD symptoms significantly

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

CBT/talking therapy for ADHD works best ALONGSIDE adhd medication

Proper diagnosis is necessary

Learn why ADHD should only be diagnosed by a licensed clinician and the importance of evidence-based treatment.

Breaking stereotypes

Individuals with ADHD can have high IQs. The explores the importance of proper diagnosis and support even for high functioning individuals with ADHD.

Everything you need to know

ADHD throughout the lifespan and how it can present from childhood through to adulthood.

Eating disorders

The intriguing relationship between ADHD and eating disorders.


Facts vs fiction about ADHD

Emotional dysregulation

Understanding ADHD and emotional dysregulation.

Psychiatric comorbidities

How psychiatric conditions that are co-morbid with ADHD affect the risk of premature death of untreated children and adults with ADHD.

Women and ADHD

Summary of research around ADHD presenting in women

Positive Aspects

The positive aspect of ADHD – from patients’ perspectives.

Diagnoses versus undiagnosed

This study finds that individuals who are diagnosed with ADHD perform better than those who show symptoms but are undiagnosed.

Love, Sex and ADHD

Studies discuss the effects ADHD has on romantic and sexual relationships.