Unveiling the Mask of High Functioning ADHD

Dr Lalitaa Suglani and Dr Shyamal Mashru

High Functioning ADHD often masks significant daily struggles behind apparent success, with individuals displaying sophisticated coping strategies to manage symptoms that vary widely and impact all aspects of life.

What is the Combined Type of ADHD

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Is it ‘Happy Ever After’ Following ADHD Diagnosis?

A diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adulthood can be a watershed moment, offering an explanatory framework for years of unexplained struggles. ADHD Health Clinic’s Dr Shyamal Mashru, explores the profound impact a diagnosis can have on an individual’s life, painting a picture of the nuanced ‘happy ever after’ that may follow.

At first glance, individuals with High Functioning ADHD might seem to navigate life effortlessly. They are the ones who have managed to carve out a successful career path, boast academic achievements, and maintain a semblance of balance in their personal lives. However, the surface often masks the reality of their daily struggles. High Functioning ADHD does not imply an absence of symptoms but rather that these symptoms do not paralyse the individual’s everyday functioning to a noticeable extent. This could be due to a variety of reasons, from milder manifestations of symptoms to the development of sophisticated compensatory strategies that help them manage the challenges that come with ADHD.

Symptoms of High Functioning ADHD are a chameleon of sorts, presenting differently across individuals and scenarios, significantly impacting various life aspects. Common signs include habitual tardiness, a propensity to forget important dates, and a noticeable difficulty in sitting still or concentrating over long periods. Chronic procrastination, a struggle with self-esteem, and frequently leaving tasks unfinished are tell-tale signs that even individuals excelling in certain life areas might be fighting a silent battle with ADHD.

High Functioning ADHD can be particularly challenging to identify. This is because those affected often exhibit a degree of mastery in hiding their struggles beneath layers of coping mechanisms. They might be the last to leave the office, pouring in extra hours to compensate for what they perceive as a lack of daytime productivity. Such relentless efforts often lead to a state of burnout. Despite their external successes, many individuals with High Functioning ADHD are intimately familiar with the feeling of not having reached their true potential—a poignant echo of the ‘imposter syndrome.’

In a candid conversation about High Functioning ADHD, it becomes clear that the condition is often accompanied by an underlying sense of exhaustion. The constant need to work harder than peers, to stay longer at the office, and to put in additional effort after hours is a pattern that many with ADHD know all too well. This additional exertion is not a testament to their ambition but a necessary strategy to keep up with expectations, which often comes at the cost of their mental health and well-being. The narrative of ‘burnout’ is recurrent, with individuals taking time off work or feeling like underachievers despite apparent successes.

A prevailing myth suggests that academic and career achievements are incompatible with ADHD. This notion is debunked by the lived experiences of those with High Functioning ADHD, who, despite their accomplishments, frequently grapple with the feeling that they have not fully harnessed their capabilities. This internal conflict, coupled with societal misconceptions, often delays or prevents the identification and management of ADHD in many capable individuals.

For those who suspect they might have High Functioning ADHD, the ADHD Health Clinic offers a beacon of hope and assistance. With comprehensive assessment and diagnostic services, we stand ready to guide individuals through the nuanced understanding of their condition. Recognising the importance of personalised care, we offer tailored treatment plans, which may include counselling, coaching, or medication. The aim is not merely to manage symptoms but to unearth the strengths that lie within the challenges of ADHD, transforming them into opportunities for personal growth and improved quality of life.

Our mission is to empower individuals to thrive across all facets of life, acknowledging that High Functioning ADHD is not a barrier to success but a unique attribute that can be harnessed. The journey with ADHD is one of self-discovery and transformation, and with the right support, it is possible to not only cope but excel. High Functioning ADHD may carry the illusion of effortless success, but the reality often involves silent struggles and unseen obstacles. By shattering myths and providing a support system, our team at the ADHD Health Clinic play a pivotal role in changing the narrative for those with High Functioning ADHD, ensuring that they receive the recognition and help they need to truly flourish.

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